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Alchemy of Colour

Healing Shawls

Barbara Pritchard has been working with people for over thirty years to balance and realign their energy centres and clear toxic emotional energy.

Barbara makes a range of hand painted silk shawls which can be worn to provide people with feelings of security and nurturing so that then they can then process any toxic emotions they need to work on. Barbara has travelled the world teaching colour therapy, giving colour therapy healing and selling her hand made shawls, which have brought joy to hundreds of people. Now you can buy her healing shawls here from her online shop.

Personal Healing Shawls


are a wonderful accessory for your personal healing and empowerment and have been recognised worldwide

The Personal Healing Shawl: I began to make these drapes 20 years ago for clients I had seen for energetic healing in my colour therapy sessions in 5 States of USA and in Australia. I realised that there was a need for people to connect into their personal vibration and be guided with some help to understand the vibrations that were their gifts through their birthdate numerology. So I began to make these drapes. Each one is individual and unique just as each person in the world is individual and unique. My spirit guides help me with bringing your colours forward in this hand painting of the silk to give each piece the authentic feel of the person for whom it is being made.
December 2004 “I received your package with delight and when I opened the plastic and my drape swept across my skin for the first time, I was filled with an intense joy that emanated from my soul star outward then through every particle of my being and beyond. Never had I felt anything close to ‘it’. An endorphin rush to be sure! Wow! I cried! So very beautiful and your message was in inspiration to me.” Candice
Colour connects us to our Culture.
In our lives we experience colour through the filter of our culture and how the people we associate with, view colour.
Red in China denotes happiness and celebration
Red in Australian Aboriginal Culture denotes sacredness and ceremony/ blood.
Red in political circles denotes assertiveness and power.
White in Western Culture stands for virginity and the hygiene of hospitals.
White in Eastern culture is symbolic of death and dying.
With each individual shawl I calculate your Ruling Number which is the driving force behind their life vibration. Your Personal Year Number is a vibrational influence which lasts one year of influence in a nine year cycle which is governed by another number. All your birthday numbers are then placed in a grid to gain an understanding of your gifts or challenges and the way to cope with these. Guided by these calculations I hand paint your Personal Healing Shawl on 2.5 metres of fine silk to facilitate healing, guidance and personal growth. Finally my guide gifts me a personal message for you. There is a personal message that comes through for the person when I make it. I use a shamanic rattle which comes from Huichol people of Mexico. These Personal Healing Drapes are a wonderful accessory for your personal healing and empowerment and have been recognised worldwide. Each drape is accompanied by a letter explaining your personal numerology and the healing qualities of your colours.

connects us to Nature.

From birth we have had exposure to the blue of the sky, the turquoise of the ocean, the green of the trees, yellow of the sun, the violet of the night sky and so on.
When we see colour we are reminded of the formative experiences built up over our lifetimes in seeing nature.
Indigenous communities view the rainbow as a powerful archetype capable of facilitating change
Colour is a rich and wonderous experience and one that we have as our most early life memory.
Colour connects us to Our Emotions.
Our language is littered with colour connections to emotions.
Red with rage.
Feeling blue.
Green with envy.
I am constantly hearing people connect feelings to their perception of colour.
” I don’t feel like wearing that colour today” or
“That colour makes me feel uncomfortable or”
I love that colour it makes me feel calm”.

Throughout history humans have used colour to heal themselves and others.

These Personal Healing Shawls are a culmination of my lifetime work in Colour Therapy and are my great love to make and send to you.
Colour Therapy can transform toxic emotions. There are energetic vibrations surrounding the body, which can be seen as two layers of colour. This is where energetically we store our emotions. Energy healers recognise these layers as the Emotional layers. It is within these layers that Colour Therapy has a vital effect on the body's energetics.
As these layers 'store' emotional information, both positive and negative, applying or channelling colour to the layers can move any toxic energy accumulated by life experience, and assist the clearing and more healthy circulation of the energy around the body. This circulating energy directly reflects the healthy inner body.

Colour Therapy is a subtle energy healing technique that is about keeping the body and emotions in balance.

Light is Energy and Colour is Light

Colour is part of the electromagnetic spectrum and it is how we perceive light. For humans the pineal gland ,which is situated deep between the two hemispheres of the brain, acts as a light meter for the body, receiving light activated information through the hypothalamus. Hormonal messages are then sent out and the body responds accordingly. When we are in the light or see bright colours we FEEL really good. These hormonal messages have a powerful effect on our mind and our body. This is caused not only by the light but also by 'the memory of the light' Our memory of colour is built from life experiences .
``The Black Rainbow is my very favorite shawl

Used on Healing Touch clients during sessions, it warms when they feel cold and cools when they feel hot. It's healing grace is amazing. I have used it for years.`` Jane Hightower

Colour connects us to our Emotions, Nature and Culture.