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About Barbara Pritchard

About Barbara Pritchard

Barbara has a background in nursing. As a nurse she was always able to detect the patients changing conditions through recognition of subtle energy.

When Barbara left nursing and opened up her art gallery, she started to produce hand painted silk scarves. Barbara noticed that peoples’ energy fields changed in colour as they were speaking about their emotions and how they felt when they had coloured silk on them.

Not long after Barbara found The Healing Touch Foundation. She with them to become a Healing Touch Teacher through Deacon University.

Barbara discovered her healing talents through colour therapy. So it made complete sense for her to step into this new role.

I was making the scarves then I was encouraged by the HTF to develop my own course on CT which I did, I designed 2 colour therapy drapes to support my work and my classes teaching energy therapists the techniques I’d discovered in healing. It was just a natural progression moving from scarves to drapes to create a wrap which people could completely encase them self in.

Using two colour vibrations for healers to use in their treatments and these were created as tools to support my work in teaching colour therapy

The Eco work: Back in the 70’s I was part of the spinners and weavers group and natural dying fraternity in Bendigo and did a lot of natural dyes. and spinning and weaving. I heard Indigo Flint speaking on ABC radio just prior to doing my advanced diploma of visual arts Radio National. She was being interviewed and talking about her new work eco printing and i felt i was on the same page as her ecologically , being eco a ware, so i researched the techniques and began to experiment and continued to experiment and its brought me to where I am now.

Indigo Flint really discovered the technique and did her masters on the technique and i was doing my advanced diploma at the time and used some of the techniques to use some of the techniques and really focused on using some of the techniques in a fine arts way.

After that I went off and developed my own techniques. I’ve been really taking my direction from the voice of nature and trusting in my own intuition.

When your living with the environment off the grid in an all solar and independent dwelling then the environment becomes your teacher. You watch and observe the seasons the trees the animals you I develop a respect an understanding and honoring of my environment and how I can work with it to create.