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Alchemy of Colour


Personal Healing Drape

Custom Made To Order


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Your own Personal Healing Drape handpainted with Pongee Silk

Each Healing Drape has brilliant healing colours giving their meaning and healing qualities.

Your Personal Healing Drape is made to your Birthdate vibration.

You receive a personal letter with Spirit message including:

Your nine year cycles.

Your personal year vibration.

Your numeralogical birth gifts.

Your ruling number.

Your colours and their purposes.

Your Healing Drape is ideal for:

  • Personal Healing.
  • Can be tuned for healing others.
  • Meditation.
  • Feeling harmonious and beautiful.
  • Overcoming jetlag.

This is your own personal healing drape which is 2.5 meters (2.7 yards) x 90 cm (2 foot 11) .

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